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Today's parents are overwhelmed with information; they have friends and family and neighbors, and even total strangers, telling them how to care for their new baby.

They have access to massive amounts of information on the internet, but much of this information is conflicting.  How can parents determine what the "good" information is? They may have access to childbirth education classes and maybe even some newborn care classes, but does that help them with the questions new parents really need to know the answers to, such as 'How do I soothe my baby?" and "How do I help my baby sleep?" Or even some of the questions they may not realize they need answers to, such as "How will a new baby affect my relationship with my partner? How can we keep our relationship strong?"

New Parent Educators are the answer to the above problems. In the certification trainings, new parent educators will be taught evidence-based information on the many topics that concern expecting and new parents. But it doesn't stop there. The training also teaches new parent educators the skills to teach parents in ways that are engaging making it easier to implement these practical skills in their lives.

This training program is one of kind. There are no other training and certification programs out there to support parent education for the newborn and postpartum period. Laura was one of the co-creators/developers of the training for CAPPA and is the senior program advisor for the new parent educator program.  

This 2 day training is the first step towards certification. There are several other requirements, that will be discussed in class (you can also go to

Topics covered at the training include:

• Practical application of Scope of Practice, Ethics, and Integrity

• Evidence Based Practices

• Teaching to Adult Learners

• The Newborn – Characteristics, Procedures, Feeding, and Care

• Soothing the Newborn

• SUIDS/SIDS and Safe Sleep 

• Creating an environment where everyone can get sleep

• Parental Relationships After Baby

• Postpartum Expectations for the Woman

• Postpartum Expectations for the Partner/Non-Birth Parent

• Preparing the Home and Family

• Specialty Class Ideas

• Curriculum Development

• Business development, marketing, and networking

• And much more!

Partial Scholarships are available for all trainings. Please see the application by clicking the link below.

Upcoming New Parent Educator Trainings


Information Session

Information Session

Information Session

May 28 2020


Live Online

Information Session

Information Session

June 9-11, 2020


San Antonio, Texas

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

September 9-10, 2020


Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont

October 10-11 2020

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