I just THOUGHT I knew a lot about postpartum care! Laura was the most amazing, motivating instructor. I am excited to begin! - Darlene


"This training was more than I ever could have expected! The trainer is extremely knowledgeable and interesting. She has an excellent presentation style. I’m excited about my future role as a doula. Thank you!"


"Loved this class. Laura is very open and inspiring. Her energy is so inspiring. I am so thrilled to have taken this course and am hoping to take more courses from CAPPA!"


"Loved the training and felt it was very thorough, great for the individual with prior infant care experience as well as the new learner.  Laura was a wonderful instructor. She made me feel comfortable and part of the CAPPA family."


"I have been a doula for 20 years and I am certified through  (another organization) since 2000. This training was the very best training I have received regarding birth knowledge, emotional issues, and hands on learning and practice. Thank you so much!"


I have been dozens of trainings in the last 16 years and this one was the best. Even though the training was long it never dragged. It was very interesting, informative and was worth every minute. Thank you!